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Sports Netting.

Florida Sports Safety Nets

Across the Sunshine State of Florida, we are blessed with a multitude of great sports teams, including the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Lightning. There are soccer pitches from north to south and at least a dozen baseball diamonds for spring training. We have the most golf courses in the country and lacrosse being played throughout the State. And the two things they all have in common are spectators and randomly flying objects.

The beauty of sport is that there is no pre-defined outcome. We don’t know how it’s going to end. A baseball can go foul, a puck can ping off the post, a field goal bounce off an upright or they could hook one into the sand trap from the fairway. Any way you slice it, when a shot goes sideways, there is a projectile headed towards a spectator. The best defence for any sports facility is to put a barrier between the two. And that is where woven nylon sports netting comes into play.

The benefits of a sport net…

     ●  Tough and flexible
     ●  Can be cut to any size
     ●  Affordable and reliable
     ●  Cheaper than any other barrier
     ●  Does not obstruct the spectators view
     ●  Can be suspended from existing structures
     ●  Can be moved in and out for maximum effect
     ●  Can reduce liability against worst-case scenarios

We measure and install large scale netting barriers for…

     ●  Baseball fields
     ●  Soccer pitches
     ●  Hockey arenas
     ●  Track and Field facilities
     ●  Football stadiums
     ●  Golf Courses
     ●  Driving Range
     ●  Batting cages
     ●  Tennis courts
     ●  Basketball courts
     ●  Badminton courts
     ●  Cricket fields
     ●  Field Hockey facilities
     ●  Jai Alai courts
     ●  Handball courts
     ●  Netball courts
     ●  Pickleball courts
     ●  Rugby Fields
     ●  Volleyball courts

Industrial Nets for…

     ●  Warehousing
     ●  Material handling facilities
     ●  Commercial settings

Baseball and Batting cages

A foul ball can hurt the count, but it doesn’t need to ruin your day. If you’re sitting behind the plate, you know how fast the pitch can be. And when it goes off the bat, up and back, it is moving with even more speed. And that is where mesh netting proves its value, by keeping the ball on the field.

Mesh netting has been a part of baseball for longer than you might image. Especially when it comes to batting cages, it saves time, space and windshields. A batting net makes the perfect backstop. It’s cheaper than installing fence, and can convert any warehouse space into a series of batting cages very quickly.

The Golf State

Believe it or not, Florida has over 1,000 golf courses. That makes it the golfiest state in the Union. It makes perfect sense. Great weather on a consistent basis, lots of people with spare time on their hands and endless natural sand traps. LOL. We also have 4 PGA Grade Golf Courses throughout the State. In fact, the 2018 Honda Classic shattered its attendance record with a quarter of a million visitors. And if you look closely at the footage, you will see that golf netting protects major areas of those courses. It protects the spectators and it also protects the liability of the course.

Even the most experienced golfer can slice a ball into the rough. Golf balls have been known to break car windows in course parking lots, fly off of driving ranges and are often found in yards and pools of residential areas close to fairways. That is why nets for golf courses and driving ranges come in any size. They can be cut to fit the random sizes and shapes required for safety on any course. Often installed and hung using hydro and telephone poles, we also install steel and aluminum beams where required.

High Grade Hockey Netting

Although Floridians are not known for their backyard hockey rinks, we do have two major NHL teams in Miami and Tampa Bay. There are also eight private and public Universities with men's ice hockey teams. They all compete in the ACHA, American Collegiate Hockey Association, our future NHL’ers. Together they entertain over half a million spectators every year.

Hockey is the fastest non-motorized human sport. Every year pucks fly into the stands at top speeds, landing wherever they please. With shots that can reach 100 miles per hour, the need for netting in hockey arenas is a no-brainer. We can help you reduce the risk of injury and accident from itinerant slap shots with nylon mesh netting.

Soccer in South Florida

Soccer, or football as it is known outside of North America, is the one sport that every country in the world plays. Recent matches at El Clásico Miami, between European Football rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have drawn tens of thousands of sports fans and rekindled the passion for soccer throughout the State. Orlando City SC fans have benefitted as well. With soccer pitches being designed and built in neighborhoods across the Sunshine State, we have industrial nylon-mesh netting to stop any striker’s missed shot.


The Florida Launch, a semi-pro men’s field lacrosse team based in Boca Raton, represents the toughest sport in the world. If you ever get to see one of their home games at Florida Atlantic University Stadium, you will notice the odd acceleration of the ball. That is because the rubber from which it is made, causes the ball to speed up on the second bounce. Obviously this make the game more interesting, but it also makes for some random direction changes. It is solid rubber, weighs the same as a baseball and is often launched at speeds over 100 mph.

Court Netting

There are many popular sports, which are played on a court. They include, but are not limited to basketball, badminton, jai alai, tennis, netball, pickleball and volleyball. Many courts use backstop nets in various sizes to keep the game in play, limit ball loses and provide a safe environment for visitors to your sports facility.

Netting can be used as a backboard or to surround the entire playing area. High strength nets last for years, are UV resistant and come in a variety of rope edges for over tautness and durability.

They are especially important as court dividers, allowing gyms and recreation centers to operate multi-court and multi-sport activities simultaneously without impeding lines of sight. They are designed and installed to endure any climate conditions and heavy play.

Two Types of Sport Net Weave

Diamond Mesh Weave

The beauty of Diamond Mesh Weave is that it is able to cover more area with less netting. This reduces the cost, but it also has its limitations. Diamond hung mesh does not hang as straight as square mesh. The angular pattern will pull from the sides creating irregular waves in the pattern, which may affect line of sight. This is because the attachment at the seams will be sewn diagonally across the rope border.

Square Mesh Weave

On the other hand, Square Mesh Weave is more expensive, but is considered the most professional choice. Every time you see a net go up behind the uprights for a field goal in the NFL, you will see a square mesh pattern. It hangs or “dresses” very uniformly, which makes it easier for line of sight. Our minds remove naturally remove the patter from our view.

In the end your choice of barrier will depend on budget, function and personal preference. Either way, your sports facility will be safer and your liability will be reduced.

Get a Custom Quote for Your Nets

Our netting installations keep objects where they belong: on the field. They keep your spectators safe, and provide assurance for the facility owners. High velocity objects can do damage under the right, or wrong, circumstances which is why we are proud to design and install the best sports mesh netting on the market. Call us now for a custom quote today.

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