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Month: July 2020

There are many reasons to install a fence!

Reasons to Install a Fence Drive through any south Florida neighborhood and you’re likely to see a variety of different types of fences.  Wood, chainlink, vinyl, aluminum and other materials are typically used in residential areas. Some cities and private communities have ordinances that stipulate if you can have a fence, and in many cases […]

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Interior Fence Options Interior fencing can be used for many things including security and traffic control. In commercial spaces like warehouses and storage facilities, interior fence can be used within a cargo area to segregate materials. For instance, if you need an area for restricted or dangerous goods, cleaning supplies or special equipment an interior […]

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3 Options for Electric Gate Openers Phone Based Gate Openers A common type of automatic gate is telephone. Users are given their own entry code that they punch into a keypad. This keeps track of who was on the lot, when. The telephone entry system can be mounted at building entrance ways. They are connected […]

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