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Fence Installation Mistakes

Posted on: April 7, 2017 by in News
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Homeowners on the Treasure Coast install fences for many reasons. You may need backyard privacy in a busy neighborhood. You may need to surround a new pool and a fence is required by code. Regardless of the reason, a quality fence is the ultimate goal. Homeowners often make mistakes when they decide to install fences on their own. Even the smallest mistake can alter how your fence turns out. To avoid these mistakes on your fence installation, you should become familiar with some of the Continue Reading ...

Wood Fences in South Florida

Posted on: March 31, 2017 by in News
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Making sure you're satisfied with your Fence Choice Customers ask me all the time about the challenges of building and maintaining a wood fence in South Florida. With the high summer heat and the daily rain storms your fence can take a beating over the years. The truth is wood fences are great for privacy and protection and with proper maintenance your wood fence can last for decades. Wood fences are a beautiful option to transform your outdoor living space. There are many different Continue Reading ...