There are many reasons to add a fence to your home.  You may need to secure space for your pets or children, you may be doing it for aesthetics or you may simply want privacy.  Whatever the reason, there are many things to consider when building a fence. You must also take cost and maintenance into account, zoning restrictions and which fence contractor to use.

Whether picking between a white vinyl fence or a wooden privacy fence, do you homework before making the investment.

Fence costs vary but you can expect to spend between $2,000 and $8,000 on average, depending on the size and type you buy.  This is a large investment that pays off but you don’t want to do it more than once.

A Great Fence suggests these tips to help you choose:

Pick the Best Fence for Your Yard

Fences are installed for privacy, visual appeal, or for the safety of pets and children. If built correctly fences can add value to your property.

Ask yourself what the primary function of the fence will be and let that guide you. Make sure you prioritize your needs first.

If you need privacy, wooden fences tend to work best, although vinyl fencing is sometimes another viable option, that has a long lifespan.

However, depending on the style of vinyl fencing you choose, the panels may be too far apart to provide enough privacy.

Customers who are looking to add aesthetics can look to an aluminum fence, which gives a yard a classy, open look. Homeowners associations sometimes require aluminum fencing.

As for containment, if you mainly need a fence to protect a pet or a child, no particular type of fence necessarily works best over the other as long as there are not big gaps for them to escape.

Consider Fence Maintenance

Ask yourself how often you want to spend maintaining your fence.

Wooden fencing requires the most maintenance because of the fence painting and staining required every couple years, but a fresh stain can bring your old wood back to life.  Wood Fences are also easier to repair.

Aluminum and vinyl fencing requires little upkeep and can last a long time, which makes those fence options appealing but they are also more difficult and costly to repair.

Check Zoning Regulations

Each city, county and homeowner association has different regulations you need to follow.  If it very important to do your homework before you build.  Port St. Lucie fencing regulations differ from martin county fencing regulations.  The last thing you want to do after completing your project is tear it back down. Fortunately, hiring a qualified fencing contractor can eliminate those risks.

Choose the Right Fence Contractor

You can try fencing a yard on your own, but the process is labor intensive and requires special tools.  You should consider a professional who has years of experience and can guarantee your fence comes out great.

Also, make sure your fence contractor uses the proper building permits.

There are many contractors to choose from so make sure you search online, ask neighbors and friends and use a trusted company.